Cost Effective And Affordable Cars 2017

Teenagers with european car

If you want to travel in style anytime you want without being late, you need to invest some money and get yourself a nice car. Buying a car can be a costly affair if you do not know the specifications. There are some very expensive cars to purchase and maintain. There are still good vehicles in the market that are cheap, easy to maintain and service, get affordable spare parts. When you save enough money to get your first car, consider the following top picks.


Many people are now going for the Audis. While being luxurious, they are much more affordable than many other luxury models out there. There are several Audi models commonly available and each arrives with different specifications from the other.

Some of the Audis in the market you can check includes the 2016 Audi A3 going for about $30000, the Audi 6 for $46000, Audi Railroad, Audi Q5 and S3.

If you follow the manufacturer’s advice about servicing, you find it cheaper to maintain. At the recommended retailer, your Audi is repaired to ensure better performance on the road. There are specialists responsible for maintenance and repairs at service centers. It increases the car lifespan.

There are many second-hand Audis in the market. To save money, make sure you test the car and get its maintenance records.

The Audi have the option for petrol and diesel. You can also go for the automatic or manual.


The Volkswagen Company is gaining ground as a motor manufacturer selling unique and cost effective cars. A buyer can go for various models such as the Atlas that can accommodate seven people, the famous Beetle going for around $20000. Golf series, CC model, Golf Alltrack, GTI, Golf R and even the Jetta. These are the famous models in the market. These cars use petrol or diesel, so you have options. They are also available in manual and automatic transmission.

For several decades, the Volkswagen has remained a premium brand for many enthusiasts who want to spend less in purchasing, servicing, maintenance and even getting the spare parts at affordable rates.


Another of the cost effective but somehow luxurious cars in the market includes Skoda models. When you choose Skoda, look at the following models. These are Skoda Citigo, Skoda Fabia, Skoda Roomster, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Yeti and Skoda Superb.

The Skoda series have the option for diesel and petrol engine. You also have the choice of manual and automatic based on what you need. Each series goes at a named price. For new ones, they are more expensive than the second-hand ones.

To get value for money, get the cars serviced as scheduled at a licensed service center. The authorized dealers offer better servicing packages.

Other models

The other known most cost effective European cars to try include:

Ford Fiesta

This model has been in production since 1976 and has seen over seven generations manufactured across the globe. It is preferred by middle class because it is cheaper to maintain and even to purchase. It consumes less fuel making you save money in the long run. It is a front wheel drive.

Peugeot 208 Hatchback

It offers you cost effectiveness in terms of low running costs and comes in distinctive styling. It is a small car that can accommodate three passengers at the back. It has standard specs you need in a car.