When to Choose Sea Freight Instead of Air Freight

Large container ship in mediterranean coast

One of the bigger decisions that have to be made involve shipments.

Which direction should a person or business go?

There are some who lean towards air freight and think it is the ultimate option in the modern age of technology. However, there are others who are not in agreement and think it is a waste of money.

This read is going to analyze the benefits and factors involved with sea freight and when it is best to go in that direction instead of flying assets from point A to point B.

Here is more on the subject for those who have to make a decision.

Size of Load

How much are you getting shipped from one place to another? Those who are looking to carry a significant amount of assets will need to consider sea freight. It is budget-friendly and will not put as much of a dent in one’s budget.

Air freight can only handle so much per flight, and that means it will put larger expenses on your balance sheet at the end of the day.

It is always smarter to go with sea freight when the loads are larger in size even if one has an endless budget because the gap is extensive. There are many companies in Australia you can approach for shipping services, such as MYCARGO International Logistics.

Eco-Friendly Image

Many businesses consider this as an important part of their brand, and that is why they decide to utilize sea freight instead of air freight. The carbon footprint left by airplanes is far more extensive than what sea freight will bring to the table.

It is important to understand this for those who do wish to remain eco-friendly at all times.

Those who don’t might overlook this, but it does have a role to play in most cases. Over time, it does add up and hurts the planet when shipments are being made.

Longer Distances

The further assets are traveling, the more sense it makes to go with sea freight. It is far more reliable over longer distances and will save money along the way too. This is a decision that has to be made for those who are going to want a fair deal that does account for this.

Distance is often a real deal breaker with air freight because of the underlying costs.

Sea freight won’t have those costs associated with it, and that is critical in the long-term.

Most people prefer to go with air freights when they are handling domestic shipments.

These are the three reasons a person or business should be looking to move towards sea freight instead of air freight. It is a decision many have to make and in general, it comes down to preference. Those who do have the budget won’t mind some of the consequences, but no one wishes to waste money at the best of times.

It is smarter to look at which options is efficient and will do an excellent job, and in many cases, sea freight does come out on top.

Consider all of these factors and then make a decision.